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  • Tue, 10 Apr 2018 17:59:20 +0000

    Into the woods | North East Family Photography

    Last month I had the pleasure of photographing Charlotte’s wonderful family in my favourite woodland location just outside Newcastle.  When Charlotte contacted me and said her baby was only 8 weeks old I suggested an at-home session due to it still being very cold outside.  Charlotte had her heart set on an outdoor session so we decided on the woods and I am so glad we did.  The resulting images capture the families fun and free nature and soul perfectly.

    I love the organic nature of this family session.  As with all my sessions I am all about capturing connections and organic moments.  This is so easy with babies and toddlers as they wouldn’t pose even if you asked them to and are not trying to be anything other than themselves.. I also find parents are truly themselves around their young children, responding to their needs the way they always do.  I am just there to document a moment in time for them.

    Once again this month I am taking part in a blog circle with amazing female photographers from around the world.  I love connecting with other photographers and being inspired by their beautiful work.  At the end of this post I link to the talented Chelsey Hill in Ohio so be sure to check out her amazing work.


    Back in North East England Here are some of the beautiful moments we captured…

    Outdoor family photo session North East Englandoutdoor family photo session Newcastle upon tynebaby photographer north east

    child portrait photographer Newcastle upon tynefather and baby portrait Newcastle upon tynefamily photography north east EnglandDSC_4601

    baby photographer North east

    Black and white photographer North eastbaby photographer North east

    Thank you Charlotte and family for booking me.  Family photography is my passion and I always love to capture new families.


    I still have some spaces left for spring/summer family photo sessions. Please get in touch if you would like to book. Contact me

    And here is the link to my full site with session info and more of my work –  North East Family Photographer


    Now I am going to link you to Chelsey Hill who is a Cleveland, Ohio Family Photographer She is sharing some stunning work so be sure to check it out.


    Thank you for being here

    Love and Light

    Fi xxx

    All images on this blog are copyright Fiona Saxton Photography

  • Sat, 24 Feb 2018 10:16:24 +0000

    Through a Mothers Eyes
    In-home lifestyle photography
    My little artist


    "Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.   What you have caught on film is captured forever...It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything."  - Aaron Siskind


    This Winter while it’s been a bit too chilly outside to get out much with my camera I have done a lot of photographing my kids at home.  I love at home images of my kids – I think these are true everyday lifestyle images capturing them in their happy place.  I am a total home bird and love being cosy and warm at home in the winter, as do my kids and I love to capture this.


    This Year I am taking part in a photography challenge where every month we focus on a different skill. In January the theme was low light. Personally I am drawn to low light in my photography anyway and find myself shooting low light images a lot of the time… If you check out my personal Instagram gallery you will see I’m not a light and airy kind of girl! This is the case especially around my house where most of my indoor work would be considered low light. I thought I would share here some of my recent personal images taken with the low light theme in mind.


    Each month I am also taking part in a blog circle with some amazing female photographer friends.  At the end of my blog I link to Taneill Davis of Hucklebee Photography who is blogging about a recent newborn session.


    keep scrolling for that link and I am also going to share a couple of my tips and tricks for capturing artistic lifestyle images of your children at home. for20web-6661-x2for web-0397for web-2476for web-2592

    I am a natural light photographer and totally light obsessed.  I am drawn to the play of light and shadow and the more dramatic feel this can lend to an image. Light and shadow can make an otherwise ordinary image interesting

    A couple of tips for capturing your kids at home.


    • Get to know the light in your home and experiment with it. I know where the light falls in my home at different times of day and I am constantly challenging myself with different ways to use that light. Window light is my favourite type.  Place your child near a window and make sure all artificial light is turned off.  You can also use your hand to study light – hold it up, move it around and see how the shadows fall across it.  You could try manipulating the light by closing some curtains or blinds and leaving a small gap to create more direct light.  You don’t need a fancy camera to get great images of your kids.  I’m no phone camera expert but I’ve seen people do amazing things with phone cameras so don’t be put off.  They don’t have to be professional quality photographs every time they are your moments and memories and that’s special enough.


    • Ok the tricky part – getting your kids to be willing subjects. Well honestly mine rarely are which is again why I love lifestyle photography. Like in my professional work I aim to capture natural organic moments. That said, sometimes natural organic moments I want to capture aren’t happening in the right light… I have to intervene a little to get my kids where I want them. If I want to set up a shot I will decide what I want to capture (usually inspired by something my kids are already doing) I’ll set my exposure and white balance so I’m good to go and then perhaps put a toy I know my 1-year-old likes in my chosen nice light. With my 5 y/o it’s a little trickier. If we are baking for example I make sure to place her near a window and take a few shots. In some images with more dramatic light I do ask her to put her face in the light and she usually obliges if she is in the mood but I have to be quick as she doesn’t stay there for more than a couple seconds…she is 5 and has her own agenda:).


    Photographing young kids is not easy especially when they are YOUR kids, (I find photographing other people’s kids much easier) it’s so worth it though as you are capturing their childhood for them to look back on and remember… Little everyday moments and habits they may have otherwise forgotten.  Only you can capture your children’s childhood through a mothers eyes…

    “If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older”for web-8468for web-0284for web-2dsc_0234

    I am now booking in-home lifestyle sessions check out my website North East Family Photographer to view my work and learn more. I am going to write a separate blog all about my in-home lifestyle sessions but below is a taster of an in-home childhood session.

    child-photographer-northumberland-northeast-scotlandin home lifestyle session Family-photographer-tyneandwear-newcastle-edinburgh-northumberlandFamily Photographer Newcastle dsc_0767-xlin home childhood photography session


    Now I am going to link you to the lovely Taneill who is a Newborn Photographer in Medicine Hat.  Her work is just stunning…Enjoy!


    Thanks for being here.


    Love and light Fi xxx

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    All images on this blog are copyright: Fiona Saxton Photography

  • Sat, 06 Jan 2018 09:37:20 +0000

    Lifestyle Family Photography Session at Rumbling Kern, Northumberland

    Family Photographer Northumberland

    I am very excited to be writing my first ever blog post:).  I am a lifestyle family and child photographer in North East England and I am starting this blog to share more images and stories from my recent sessions.  I want people to get a feel for what a session with me is like and to see more family gallery images.


    I am also excited to be taking part in a blog circle this month with some amazing photographer friends.  At the bottom of my blog I link to the lovely Johanna in London who is not only a wondeful family photographer but also an expert at personal Branding Photography.


    2018 Off To A Great Start


    This was a beautiful extended family session including mum, dad, two babies, Nanna and Granpa and two uncles.  Lots of people for me to photograph and lots of lovely relationships, moments and connections to catch.  Charlotte booked this early January session as her family were all together over the festive season including one of her brothers who now lives in America.

    We decided on Rumbling Kern as a location for the session as it is Charlotte’s mum’s favourite spot and what a beautiful and interesting spot it is!  Rumbling Kern is on the rugged coast line of Northumberland.  It is a stunning location with a vast array of large interesting rocks creating a beautiful beach cove and haven from the cold winter sea air.  You can climb to the top of the rocks (which we did, babes and all) where the rocks slope off into the sea.   It’s a childs natural play ground up there full of rocks to climb and rock pools to explore.  Although this was a cold January day, the sun was out bathing us in beautiful light.  We explored the top of the rocks and got some lovely shots up there then when the babies started to get a bit chilly we ventured back down to the sunlight bathed cove for some warmth and beautiful backlit shots.  I really do love this location and plan on many more family sessions here.


    Scroll down to see some of the images we captured along with some descriptions and more words from me:).

    for web-6079

    for web-5977for web-5947for web-5929

    This baba was getting a bit chilly on top of the rocks and looking at mum as if to say…What we doing up here mum?  So we heading back down at this point into the cove.for web-5877for web-5858

    Uncle snuggles.  I just love these images of little one being snuggled by his uncle.  Uncle Cameron lives in America now so this was some very precious family time together and I am so honoured I was able to capture it for them.for web-5814for web-5815

    When you’re getting a bit cold and bored of having your photo taken dad breaks out the sweeties…  Works every time:).

    for web-5536

    Love the movement in this image with mum’s hair blowing in the wind and the genuine, relaxed joy captured.for web-5308

    No words to describe how cute these two were together….Sibling love, a bond like no other.

    for web-5261for web-for web-4945

    Below are a couple of beautiful relaxed images of mum and her boys.  What I love to capture is the everyday beauty of family life.  Our lives are not perfect but they are beautiful.  Children will not always sit and smile for photos when you want them to but honestly I wouldn’t want them to!  I want to see the beautiful, uninhibited, raw, real and messy moments of childhood and glimpses of the chaotic, challenging but wonderful adventure that is raising children.  My sessions are very child led and although I do my best to get any specific shots clients have asked for, I don’t pose children as such, and if they are not into something I am suggesting I let it go and move with them photographing them every step of the way.  I aim to capture soul in my images and I wont get that from asking kids to sit still and smile for the camera.


    Below was at the end of our session and littlest one had just about had enough.  He was tired and ready for a nap.  I personally love these images and think they will be wonderful for mum to look back on and remember his cute little quivering lip and I’ve had enough face… We all too easily forget these little details of our children as they grow.  They grow so fast and with motherhood being hectic and down right hard sometimes I know only too well it can all become a bit of a blur.

    for web-6381for web-6403

    for web-6324

    for web-6483for web-6530


    for web-5999i-nc6rjpl-x3

    I loved this session and look forward to many more like it in the coming months.  Thank you Charlotte for booking me to photograph your precious family moments.


    Now remember I mentioned the blog circle with amazing photographers… Next up in the circle is Johanna Birch Photography in London.  Please check out her blog Personal Branding Photographer London especially if you are after some killer headshots for your website or action shots for your blog…Johanna is the photographer you need.


    Thank you for reading my first ever blog post.   I hope your new year is off to a great start and I look forward to sharing more sessions and some personal images soon.

    Love and light Fi xxx

    To visit my website and see more of my work / session details please click the link below.

    Family and Newborn Photography Northumberland

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